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Mobile Notary Comes Where Needed in Los Gatos, including Hospitals and Nursing Homes

El Camino Hospital of Los Gatos

El Camino Hospital Los Gatos
If you need documents notarized now, but are house-bound or in a hospital or nursing home, call Annie Tyler, Notary Public. El Camino Hospital.

Give yourself peace of mind that your wishes concerning your health, your possessions, etc., will be properly and legally expressed and abided by.

Good Samaritan Hospital

Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, near Los Gatos, California

Annie Tyler, Notary Public, Comes to You and Saves You the Hassle of Driving

Los Gatos and surrounding Silicon Valley communities continues to grow in size and in traffic. Save yourself driving hassle and time, and the interruption of your work day, by having Annie Tyler, Notary Public come to you.

La Cañada Building, downtown Los Gatos, California

Los Gatos is in the southwest corner of Santa Clara County, in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The population was just under 30,000 at the last census.

Wherever you might live in Los Gatos, from a Victorian Age home in the center of Los Gatos to a modern home in the Santa Cruz Mountains overlooking the Santa Clara Valley,
Annie Tyler, Notary Public will come to your home or place of business at a time convenient for you notarize documents.

Los Gatos History

Los Gatos was founded in the1850s with the development of a flour mill, Forbes Mill. It was later renamed Los Gatos, in Spanish - the cats, because of the cougars that roamed the nearby hills.

By the early 1900s Los Gatos was the center of a busy agricultural area with apricots, grapes and prunes being grown. By the 1920s the Los Gatos area had a local reputation as an arts colony, attracting painters, musicians, writers, and actors.

The violinist Yehudi Menuhim lived in Los Gatos as a child; the actresses Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland (sisters) were graduates of Los Gatos High School; and John Steinbeck wrote his famous novel Grapes of Wrath here.

Annie Tyler, Notary Public

Confirms Notary and Travel Fees Before Service

The State of California sets the maximum fee to be paid for each notarized signature at $10.00. Notary-on-the-Go may discount this $10.00 fee if a client requires a number of notarizations at one signing.

Travel fees are not part of the notarization fee. Travel fees are based upon distance, location, time of day of service, and the number of notarized signatures needed.
Annie Tyler, Notary Public will confirm your travel fees before travel.

Panoramic View of San Jose, CA in 1875.
City of San Jose, Cal. 1875. Artist: C. B. Gifford - A.L. Bancroft & Co.,

San Jose Notary Public Annie Tyler
Aerial view of San Jose, California, May 2007. The intersection of Interstate-280 and California State Route 87, Guadalupe Parkway, is visible at the bottom of the photograph. View is to the south Author: Robert Campbell, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Annie Tyler, Notary Public

Mobile Notary Service throughout San Jose CA including the areas of Almaden Lake Park,Santa Teresa, Silver Creek, Evergreen Valley, Basking Ridge, Almaden Valley, and Blossom Valley.

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